The 2017 F-150 Uses Technology to Simplify the Trailer Hookup Process

Attaching your tow hitch to a trailer can be a real chore for any Florida truck driver. If visibility is poor or if you don't have a second hand to assist, it can take several attempts to line things up correctly, wasting valuable time. Luckily, Ford has applied modern technology in its 2017 F-150 for a simple fix.

It's called Dynamic Hitch Assist, and it can save you time and patience when preparing to tow a trailer. Dynamic Hitch Assist is easy to use. Line up your F-150 in front of your trailer. Then, activate the system. Your rearview camera display will show a guideline straight back to the trailer. Follow the line, and you'll be lined up and ready to attach on the first try.

The 2017 F-150  has a slew of other features in addition to Dynamic Hitch Assist to help making towing more convenient. You can check them out at our location in Tarpon Springs, FL. Our sales staff can walk you through the features and answer any questions you may have.

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