Drive Safely with Ford's Blind Spot Information System

All drivers are concerned that something might go wrong while they are driving. Most have overcome this fear, but there is still the chance that a collision might happen. One way that Ford has come up with to help prevent this is by introducing their Blind Spot Information System. You might even have it installed on your vehicle.

What the BLIS system does is detect when vehicles are approaching on either the left or right side of the car. It can detect as far back as ten feet from the bumper. When it does, warning lights are triggered on the side view mirrors on that side.

Another feature of this system is the Cross Traffic Alert which is activated any time you put your vehicle into reverse. The sensors detect approaching vehicles from as far away as 45 feet and issue a warning.

To find out more about the BLIS system, contact Karl Flammer Ford Inc. who can help you drive the streets of Tarpon Springs more safely.

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