Road Trip On The Cheap

How do you take an inexpensive road trip? There are many options for a less expensive road trip.

There are zoos across the nation with free admission. Parking might be difficult. It might cost extra. You'll be able to visit zoos in major cities like Chicago or St. Louis without paying for your entire family. That can add up to big savings.

You don't have to pay admission generally for hiking. There are many outdoor parks where you can see waterfalls, caves and other wonders of nature.

You can pack food in a cooler. Eating sandwiches instead of fast food can save you a bundle.

You can camp out. You can generally pay for a space to set up your tent for way less than it costs for a hotel. You get the entire feel of the outdoors.

You need to also consider the gas mileage it takes to get there. This could be sweetened with a few easy tips. You can take a lighter load. You can make sure your tires are aired up. One of the easiest ways to do that is by visiting our service center. We can check your tires and make sure you are maximizing your fuel economy.
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