Keep Your Car Clean When Traveling with Your Dog

Dogs can be excellent companions. Whether you want to take a short trip to the dog park or you want to go on a long distance journey, you may be hesitant to do so when you purchase a new and high-quality model from Karl Flammer Ford Inc..

The good news is, you have plenty of room in the back of your vehicle to provide a clean, safe place for your dog to travel. When you secure a crate in the back of your car, your dog can travel safely while your car stays clean. If you don't want to have a crate, there are various types of travel harnesses for you to consider. It also doesn't hurt to bring a towel or invest in a cover for the fabric of your vehicle.

When you want to keep your car clean, you have to keep your dog from getting their dirty paws and drool all over the vehicle. With a harness or crate, you are also keeping your dog safe in the event you have an accident. If you need a new solution for riding with your dog, be sure to stop into our showroom at 41975 US 19 for more information in the Tarpon Springs area!

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